7 Apps You Don’t Want To Miss
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January 28, 2016
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7 Apps You Don’t Want To Miss

It can be tough to keep up with all the new apps released every week. But you’re in luck — we take care of that for you, creating a roundup each weekend of our favorite new and updated smartphone applications.

This week we found an app that lets you design 3D objects on your iPad that you can then print out, and another that has you chip away at a 3D cube with others around the world to discover what’s inside.

The Internet’s favorite Angry Birds are back this week with a new twist on the popular game, and a popular children’s TV show made its way to Android in the form of a interactive game.

123D Design

Autodesk released 123D Design this week, a free 3D-modeling tool that lets users create 3D models that they can then print.

Available for the iPad (as well as PC, Mac, and web), the app uses natural interactions for creating and editing, making the process simple for beginners who might not understand complex CAD concepts.


Angry Birds Star Wars

Angry Birds Star Wars launched this week. Available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Mac, Windows 8 and Kindle Fire the game brigs together the bid-flinging action of the original Angry Birds game with a new Star Wars theme.

Angry Birds Star Wars has 80 levels that span across locations such as Tatooine and the Pig Star.


Facebook iOS App


Facebook updated its iOS app this week, adding the ability to send real-world gifts from your iPhone. The update also added the ability to upload multiple photos to Facebook at once and add filters to those photos.

In addition, Messenger is updated, allowing you easier access to Facebook contacts you may want to communicate with on the social network.



A new app called Curiosity caught the attention of Android users this week. The app attempts to “unite the world in solving one mystery,” having everyone who is using the app slowly chip away at the same single cube.

Each layer of the cube contains something different. As they chip away, players earn coins that can then be used to purchase tools that allow them to get to the center of the cube faster.




Foursquare updated its iOS app this week, adding reviews into the mix. Now when you’re searching for a location using Explore, you’ll see a score beside it based on Foursquare’s own algorithm that looks at signals like tips, likes, dislikes, popularity, and check-ins.


My Little Pony


My Little Pony launched this week for Android. The interactive game stars popular ponies from the TV show – Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, and Applejack – as well as the voice talent from the TV show.




Tumblr launched a new version of its iOS app this week, adding new features including a redesigned dashboard, bigger photos and faster post loading.

Still looking for more? See last week’s Apps You Don’t Want To Miss for more highlights. Think we left a great new app off the list? Let us know about your own app highlights from this week in the comments below.


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