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January 28, 2016
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Promote Your Blog in 15 Ways

Promoting blog site is a skill. In fact, it takes time for someone to learn and understand about blog promotion, especially if you are a beginner. But, why do we need to promote blog? Well, one of the main reasons is to drive traffic to your site! Indirectly, you can increase revenue with high traffic that is being driven to your site. Hence, creating awareness about your blog site is truly an important to-do task for all blogging webmasters.

There is a reason why search engines, particularly Yahoo! and somewhatGoogle, love blog sites, and that is because the content gets updated constantly. Hence, this is probably why site owners should put in efforts to promote blogs.

1. Submit blog address – the first thing that one should do is to submit the blog site’s URL address to the three major search engines, i.e. Google, MSN and Yahoo!. In addition, keep submitting the blog site to other various blog submission sites – that way, it helps to increase visibility of your blog in the Internet. Also, do not forget link directories; they do quite a good job to ensure approved sites get indexed in the search engine quickly.

2. Ping the blog – once a new article is published or updated, ping the blog! Remember, search engines love updated news and fresh contents.

3. Update regularly – update your blog site regularly. New, fresh content always attract bots to crawl your sites. That way, your site may be ranked higher in SERPs (in the long run).

4. Signature links in forums – one thing about social networking is that it requires everyone to work together. Join forums and include your blog links in the signature (but do bear in mind not to overdo, as they may lead you to be banned from the forums).

5. Help others to help you – if you want others to comment and visit your website, do the same for others too. That way, it also helps to promote your blog, since the comment (may) allow links back to your blog site.

6. Join social networking sites – social networking sites, such as Friendster, MySpace, Hi5, etc…, actually help to expand your social networking. Include a link in your profile. Interested readers may just drop by sites via the link.

7. Blog Related Stuffs – it may come to a point where you start to run out of topic or content to blog about. It is a mistake to divert from your niche. A successful blog always has a unique niche, therefore always blog about what is related.

8. Kiss it Concise – you are neither writing a thesis nor an essay. Blogging is simply a method of conveying your idea in the shortest and quickest way possible. So, keep it short, sweet and concise. Not too long; neither too short, bear in mind that proper English sentence structure is still very important (especially to search engines)

9. Categories your posts – prepare yourself what you might be blogging about. Set aside a list of categories you may want to talk about and then expand from there. A good list of categories means better structure and arrangement of your posts and articles.

10. Font strengthening – use italic or bold font when it comes to emphasising certain phrases or words within the blog. But, do not overdo it.

11. RSS Syndication – RSS feeds are good ways for readers to keep track of your latest posts regularly. Although that may reduce readers visiting your site, but it may well prove helpful in the long-term, as loyal readers will keep coming back to your site whenever there is news that interest your readers.

12. Blog URL in Email – have your email signature to include your blog address. Every little bit helps.

13. Link Exchange – exchanging links with other fellow bloggers is definitely a good idea to improve visibility. It helps to increase links between two related sites.

14. Write scripts, plugins or templates – some people who know how to code can actually exploit this skill to promote their blog sites. Blog URLs can be included within the scripts that are offered for free over the Internet. For instance, SoftSift offers WordPress Thumbnail Summary plugin, with back link to its own site.

15. Friends, Relatives and Peers – the best method, by far, is through words of mouth. If you happen to visit a pub at night, simply stick out your name card and offer anyone you meet there. Ask them for opinion and get them to visit to your website. It works like charm!

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